With my 20th, yes 20th, birthday around the corner I decided to start up the blog I always wanted, to document just how shitty my new added responsibilities will be.

I’m trying to not have a quarter life crisis but however I can’t help but be upset that I’m leaving my teens. My teens were everything to me. Since I’m an old soul, I was a gem to my older friends and the people I’ve met through out the world. It was awesome having my head on my shoulders in a town filled with literally the rudest and most judgmental people ever. Although I am sad to leave my teens, I’m happy I no longer fear getting up to get a tissue in class, or to raise my hand when I know an answer. Because in our 20’s, no one gives a shit about you. You can do what you want. I’m almost positive that thats the only best thing about getting older, you have the power to live your dream life.

So with that being said I’m off to get some tattoos and piercings. I’ll check in with you guys again sooner or later.




  1. Enjoy these years, you can get away with anything, no point in not doing u like, do not just dream make memories and be safe and proud of each thing u achieve in life hp bithday whenever

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      1. Make your life the best lived and loved one , never follow anything it will follow you itself just be ahoy and persistent u have many years amen to do trial and error and learn but never give up👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨


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