I know what you’re thinking. 220 dollars for a foundation is very outrageous. With all the things going on in the world, I would usually recommend saving your money for your future home. But since I work at a department store and it was an extra employee discount day, I got it 60% off. 

(Things my boyfriend doesn’t like to mention when he makes fun of me for it to everyone else!!!)

So I splurged! And got it! And I don’t regret getting it! It isn’t just a foundation, it’s infused with major skin care benefits. It tightens and moisturizes your face, giving you that J Lo glow you’ve always wanted. So if that helps make the price more acceptable, then maybe it’ll make you feel better towards it lawl. The application process is awesome. It glided on my skin and was instantly full coverage.

I was on break so if anyone official looks at this, I better not hear from you.

Moving on, it’s definitely on my holy grail list. Would I buy it again? I think I can find a foundation just as good for a more moderate price. However if you’re out there getting your money and you can treat yourself, go for it!!

So that’s that guys! Thank you for reading and check in to figure out how else you can break your bank account. Xoxo

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