Hello guys and welcome back! I hope you’re having a beautiful day wherever you are.

cannot believe the amount of support that I’ve gotten from new friends to old friends since starting this blog. I’ve always had a passion for writing but was never really into taking the time to express myself in such a raw and public way. But now since I got over my insecurities and flaws that I’ve come across in my life, I’ve learned that finding the humor in everything gets you through A LOT.

So with that being said and out of the way, let’s get into something that I think can be beneficial for you. And that’s knowing your sun sign and your moon sign. Mostly everyone knows their sun sign, it’s your zodiac sign in the month that you’re born in. But if you don’t know your moon sign, you’re missing out on a lot of self-knowledge. You can figure out what your moon sign is on this website down here…


Since my sun sign is Gemini, my moon sign is Leo! Here’s what a website says about me as a moon leo! 

“With the placement of the moon here, you inwardly identify yourself as a self-expressive, creative, playful soul who enjoys spontaneity and not to forget, being the center of attention. You are likely to enjoy a party more than most and especially.. your birthday. You are the adult who never grows up and that’s why children love you.”

And it’s true. Kids fucking love me. Even though I think they’re filled with boogers.

Just researching about moon Leo gave me a lot of advantages for when certain situations arise and how I should react.

Since I’m not officially proficient in astrology, I decided that instead of talking out of my ass, I’m going to link you guys some websites that I’ve been researching about myself on. So if you have the time, kick back with some white wine and discover yourself in ways you didn’t know about before. Enjoy!!!

Once you’re done with your research, I now suggest googling about how you’re doing during this retrograde and figure out why exactly things are a little strange lately!!



PS, if any of you are into astrology and horoscope bullshit like I am, lets be friends pls.

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