Hello everyone and welcome back to what not only is a blog, but a lifestyle that you’ve now committed yourself to. Thank you for making my blog a part of your day! I took a day or two off because my favorite YouTubers broke up and I don’t know why it consumed so much of my soul but IT DID. I cried watching their break up video. And PLEASE let me explain why. I’ve been watching their vlogs literally every single mother fucking day for five years because I made a bet that I would watch until he proposed to her. Well five years later for me (and ten years later for them *eye roll*) they are broken up. SO MOVING ON.

Today my best friend Marisa and I are going to share with you some tips that we’ve learned along our hair journeys. And boy was it a fucking journey for the both of us.

People murder their hair in all kinds of different ways. Whether it be from straightening it almost every day, dyeing it different colors, bleaching, etc. it can be a HUGE burden on us. We are all Queens and Kings and our hair is our crowns. For me personally, I murdered my hair by bleaching it. At one point I was a platinum blonde. Although I was really good at hiding the fact that my hair was burnt to a crisp. My frame, which is the hair that everyone sees first when they look at you, had broken off. It honestly looked as if I had a field day while drunk on my hair with a pair of scissors. 

But it’s okay! It’s alright! I figured out ways to keep everything under control and to get it back to the way it once was, untouched. Before I go on, I’ll let Marisa take the mic since she’s older and wiser than me.

It’s been one hell of a journey trying to restore my hair back to that soft, strong consistent texture it once was.

I’ve literally tried everything natural like not wrapping my hair in a towel, not flat ironing it (which is barely even an option for anyone) and so on. I’ve gone to stylist after stylist of them telling me “you can’t bleach over this” or “your layers are just too short and fried to do anything with” and finally after two years, I’ve found my vice. To everybody out there with short parched hair that’s barely clinging to life- LISTEN UP.

Getting a dusting every two months, or even dusting it yourself is a MUST. I’ve learned that the longer amount of time you let the split ends chill on your head, the more split they will become. And this has literally NOTHING to do with what you’re doing to your hair, this involves what you AREN’T doing. My split ends would keep splitting up and up and up until almost every strand was split close to my scalp. HELP. By cutting even the tiniest bit off, those forked pieces of hair don’t have the opportunity to rip anymore and make your length shorter.

Also, there are two products that I use every day that keep my hair looking INCREDIBLE- It’s a 10 Keratin Leave-In-Conditioner spray, and Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil Replenishing Treatment.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 9.50.47 PM.png

The It’s A 10 goes on damp hair, and right after I heat style my hair I do one pump of the dry oil- and that’s IT. I know the products are a little pricey, and its nuts to think cutting off some hair (dead hair) will make it longer, but you and me both know that having beautiful hair that you get compliments on every day is priceless :’)

Thank you Marisa for your amazing insight!! 0 to 100 real quick. I was going to mention the It’s A 10 product but you were just one step ahead of me. Really any product from It’s A 10 will do some sort of wonder for your hair but the leave in conditioner is a need. The other things I would recommend to moisturize and replenish your hair of all that damage is either coconut oil, castor oil, or macadamia oil! I use any of those oils as a conditioner or when I get out of the shower, I put some oil in the ends of my hair and wrap it up in my special hair towel and let it sit! Any product that says it has one of those oils in it, is the one I recommend to buy. Besides just using straight up coconut oil or what not, I use the Macadamia Natural Oil Nourishing Leave – In Conditioner. 


Another piece of advice, try not to straighten or use heat on your hair for a month or three. I did it for a month and a half and it honestly didn’t end up being as hard as it seems. If you want your hair a little more tamed and flat, after using a heat protectant spray, use a blow dryer to just dry your hair and style it the way you’d like! I had my hair in a half up bun every day for the longest time lol. 

I believe Marisa and I covered JUST about everything! A Sephora Haul will be live soon once I use and abuse these new products that I just HAD to get. Thank you SO SO much for reading and check in soon.


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