Hello beautiful ladies and gents. I must apologize for something. If you keep up with my blog you’d know that I was supposed to post a Sephora haul but I didn’t. This is because I have a teacher that assigns four essays in one day and two of them aren’t even graded! So besides me wanting to do my school work first, I didn’t want to write because I was so frustrated with my day. I was just filled with negativity and I didn’t want to pass that negative energy onto you guys! But now that I have a few assignments out of the way and I have a four day weekend, I’m ready to get back on the saddle.

Today I wanted to share my review on the whole process of ordering Kylie Lip Kits. From the moment I’m on the website to the second it’s on my doorstep. So I’ll begin with the fact that ordering off of this bitches website is the most annoying fucking thing ever. There’s not an efficient way of knowing when she’s releasing new products; So not everyone even knows when the lip kits are restocked simply because they get sold out SO QUICK. 

Because I am a Kardashian fan, I have at least three of their apps, Kim’s, Kourtney’s, and Kylie’s, I get updates on when she’s releasing them and the exact time. But keep in mind that most people don’t have her app, so how the fuck are they supposed to know? Exactly. So moving on. I have the website ready, I’m refreshing the page every second until it’s 3 pm, which was the time she told us the website will be live to purchase. So the second it turned 3, I was on the website. I was set and ready to go. I tried to go as fast as possible because I know the deal, I know how the website works at this point (lol I need to stop spending money)

I put Exposed, KoKo K, and Heir into my shopping cart. Every time I would try to get through to another page, I was put on this waitlist. Which is aggravating in every sense of the word. I finally got to where I can fill out my shipping info. I had to type so fast because I didn’t want to lose my items. Which is what happened to me the first time I ordered on her website. And I won’t describe how annoyed I was because what you are about to read made me more than annoyed, I was livid. Once I filled out my shipping and payment info, I got pulled to this website saying I filled out something wrong. That’s when I knew I lost at least one lip kit. I fixed my problem and I was put on a waitlist AGAIN.


I lost Exposed. It was so fucking annoying because that color was the reason I went to buy this shit again! Or else I would’ve went for those dupes that people put out. The website and the way to purchase these lip kits is so backwards. I understand that these are highly wanted products, but when I’m filling out my shipping information and what not, those lip kits that I chose, should be on hold for ME. It shouldn’t be given to someone else while I’m filling out my information. Like make more lip kits so this doesn’t happen Kylie lol.

I said this the last time I purchased her lip kits, but I don’t think I’ll be buying from her line again. Unless it’s something else bomb af other than lipsticks. Only being able to purchase from her website is annoying on our end but a good business idea on her end. Her team is smart, I’ll give her/them that. But it just isn’t efficient enough. Her line should be sold in either Ulta, Sephora, Saks, WHATEVER IDC. PUT IT IN A STORE KYLIE. I even read an article that thieves are starting to steal Kylie’s Lip Kits on peoples doorstep. So maybe putting the pretty packaging in a regular brown box would be ideal. I don’t mind opening up two boxes, it only builds suspense!

I now have the colors KoKo K, Heir, Dolce K, and Candy K. I’ll go on with saying that I thought Candy K was going to have more of a pink tone. On every single photo I’ve seen on the internet, it looked like the perfect nude. But when I put it on myself, it’s SO DARK. It’s like this dark purple hue. It could just be my skin tone but I’m not even THAT pale. So I regretted purchasing Candy K solely because I thought it would be lighter. It just doesn’t work with my skin tone. With Dolce K, I knew what the color was so I wasn’t shocked with anything! It’s a nice color depending on what makeup look you’re going for. KoKo K and Heir ended up being my favorite because they were the most natural looking in my opinion. I like natural nude lip sticks, it’s just my thing. But you guys might love Candy K and Dolce K if darker “nudes” are your thing.

I’m sorry that I don’t have pictures of me wearing these colors, but I’m sure by now you know what they all look like. They’re ALL OVER THE PLACE. Maybe one day I’ll make a youtube channel and you guys can get a better idea of the visual aspect of these lipsticks but for now I hope your imagination can suffice. Besides the colors, the formula of these lipsticks truly are a one of a kind. I’ve never come across a lipstick where I can eat a club sandwich and not have it on the sandwich or all over my face. It stays on no matter what! Perfect lipstick for sucking that- And what she says is true, it does feel like nothing is on your lips.

The experience purchasing these products, I’d give a 4/10. Step up your game Kylie this is a business. If you’re going to do something, do it right. If these were to be sold in stores, I would’ve been able to know which color was right for my skin tone. 

The product itself, 8/10. I love the formula, some of the colors are amazing, and it does make me feel very feminine.

Thank you guys SO SO much for reading. I hope this review/rant was helpful and fun to read. I’ll be back with more content maybe even tonight. But I haven’t been following up with my promises so WHO KNOWS!

Like if you’d like to see more reviews from me and follow me if you’re over Kylie and her stupid website and wanna be bffs!!!!!



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