Hello boys and girls of all ages and sizes. Welcome back to my blog. And if you’re new I’d recommend reading this. It’s my review of a lip plumper by the same brand that I’m reviewing today!

I’m here today to talk about a GlamGlow product that has been out for just maybe over a year now! Ever since I got the lip plumper and the results on my end were amazing, I passed by another pretty box and low and behold, its GlamGlow again. The company really knows how to grab someones attention. And as a consumer I like distributors that put effort into their design and marketing skills. Remember what I said about a pretty hot pink box? This time it was a pretty eccentric purple.


Since I’m still new to the company itself and haven’t done much research beyond the lip plumper product they have out, I realize that this product is a year old. Therefore there might be an updated mask from them with skin firming promises. Or maybe better products from other companies! But after using it for a month now, I see more and more results from my Skin Firming mask. I’m thrilled nonetheless. When you open it, it has a strong coconut scent which I loved. Coconuts are my thing recently, I don’t know. Apply a decent amount all over as evenly as possible. Make sure you make it connecting thoughout your face, so get it every where other than the eye area. Because when you take it off, you’ll realize how easy and fun it is to pull off your skin.

AND FYI: It was SUPER tingly. I don’t have sensitive skin but if you do, this won’t be the firming mask for you booboo!

When five minutes has passed after applying the mask, it becomes chrome on your face. I don’t know if that makes sense, you’ll just have to look and see. After three uses, I now see a difference. Although I’ve used products in the past that will give me results right after; this one is gradual and is more permanent in my opinion.

Tonight after binge watching random Netflix movies, I’m going to look for another mask by them because this was just so much fun to do.

Thank you guys so so much for reading. If you wanna be bff’s follow me and let’s talk 😉



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