Hello everyone welcome back to my blog! Today we’re going to be talking about something that I now love to do almost every single day. I’ve always admired those 60’s-70’s eyelash styles. Like the iconic eyelashes in the gif you can see below. Full lashes, for me, has always symbolized confidence and beauty. And girls that have beautiful lashes are definitely girls that I admire.


If you never really bothered with fake lashes or are just now beginning to experiment with them; You seriously just don’t know how much of a difference it makes in your makeup looks. I used to be one of those girls that never really felt like I needed fake lashes. I don’t need them, they were never a want/need for me. Mostly because I didn’t know how to put them on without fucking up the rest of the look on my face that I took so long to beat in.

I think the first mistake that all of us rookies make is not accepting the fact that something is going to basically be in your eye any second. At the last minute we either flinch or blink or freak out, getting the glue that you’ve applied to the eyelash all over the place.

Trust me we literally have all been there.

I think the second mistake is choosing flimsy brands. Most people can make these drug store brands work but honestly any eyelash that you see in a drug store made me cry or fell off within three hours. So I had to take a step back and ask myself, “are these lashes even good quality?” I knew nothing about the eyelash world so my experimentations and my negativity was built around poor quality. So I looked online through various reviews and narrowed down my choices of which eyelash brand I wanted to purchase.

I needed to know what all these famous gurus were using because I needed THOSE if I wanted to make this really work for me.

I’ve chosen the Koko lashes in the style Goddess. They’re a little extreme looking at first and you’d automatically remember them on drag queens. Well lucky for me that’s usually the look I go for lol.


Once they arrived in the mail, I was apprehensive to try them on. I had to wait for a good day and a good makeup look. Because I had hope, I was thinking that things were going to go spectacular with my new luxury eyelashes. It was only $7.00’s through the main website!

Before I used them I cut off the ends a little bit and customized them to fit the shape of my eye. And if that’s necessary for you, please feel free to do so with small teeny tiny scissors.

And with a little faith, trust, and pixie dust, I had an opportunity to wear them. I followed the basic procedures, use an eye curler, then put on an eyelash primer, then use mascara. I use Urban Decay Perversion. It lifts up my eyelashes and makes them so beyond black. I might have to get a new mascara though because I find that this formula kind of irritates my eye a little bit. Now with a tweezer you’re going to want to hold very tightly to keep the eyelash in place while putting some thin strips of glue on it. Make sure you cover the corners the most. I recommend Duo glue, I got it in Sephora but I think some drug stores might carry it. Put on a timer for a minute and while waiting blow on it and wave it around for a few seconds.

Now remember not to freak out this time. By now I hope you’ve accepted that something is going to be extremely close to your eye. You have to trust yourself that you won’t poke your eye out! You can do it, I believe in you. Place the fake lashes in the center of your natural eyelashes, try to be as close to your natural eyelash as possible and hold it down and still.

Now at this point I’m going to put my tweezer down and use my hands because it feels more natural for me this way. I use my fingers to adjust the falsies and press down. MAKE SURE THE CORNERS ARE GLUED COMPLETELY DOWN. If you put on a decent amount of glue on the corners you should be fine. Pinch your two fingers against your falsies and your eyelash to make them as close as possible. Because remember people look at you from all kinds of angles. We want these to look as natural as possible. Even though we all know this ain’t natural.

What I love about my Koko lashes is that they were so easy to put on. I don’t know if it was my confidence in myself or the brand but they literally just stuck on and stayed so perfectly still as I adjusted and maneuvered around them. The corners didn’t unstick and I had an all around amazing experience wearing them. You definitely feel the lashes on you, but that’s just because it was my first time wearing them. Now that they’re my babies and I love and cherish them every day, I feel like I’m not wearing falsies at all! They gave me a dramatic look that wasn’t too over the top so I didn’t feel freaky running errands in a grocery store.

Here’s a picture of myself with the lashes on, ignore my facial expression.


If you guys enjoyed this review please give this post a like :). I hope to talk to you all again soon within the week. I’m turning 20 this Sunday so SHITS ABOUT TO GET REAL LOL. Bye teens I luv u 😦



  1. Those lashes are GORGEOUS! This post was so helpful, at least to me who has 0 falsies skils. So glad you followed me because now I’ve found your amazing blog!❤️❤️ love your style

    Liked by 1 person

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