Do you remember when we were younger and birthdays were better than frat parties? Yeah ME TOO! My birthday passed, it was on June 19th and I’m now in my 20’s! I think this is the grossest age because ten years ago I was ten. And now ten years into the future, I’ll be thirty. It just doesn’t sound right to me.

Ever since I turned 17, I was cursed with having bad birthdays for every year to come. There’s always celebrations that go on before or after, but whenever it’s my ACTUAL birthday SOMETHING goes wrong. My parents were supposed to come down but my dog got pancreatitis and they stayed home obviously. I understood 100% but it was my first birthday without my parents. They’ve never missed a birthday and I bet they feel more sad about it than I do. So I’m not going to whine to them or give them a hard time. I just felt extra homesick on my birthday, that’s all. Besides that, it was really awesome and THANK YOU to those that made my birthday special. You know who you are!

I got a little restless after my birthday and went to the mall and spent like too much money for a person my age lol. Because turning 20 makes me feel old, I purchased just about every single wrinkle and firming treatment the world has to offer. And some new lashes. I also made my first pro palette from MAC! It was exciting and it made me smile from cheek to cheek. But don’t ask me what the colors names are because I have no flipping clue.


So to start off the reviews I’m going to give my two cents about the Dr. Jart+ Cheek & Eye Lift; As well as the Neck & Chin Lift. And let me start by saying that I went in with the Neck & Chin Lift first since I can tell that’s going to be a trouble area in the future. Any woman that’s more mature than you will say “To stay young, you gotta start young.” And if they don’t say that, well I’M SAYING IT. Because IT’S TRUE.

These masks are made from collagen gel, it’s not slimy and it won’t make your skin wet in the slightest. The collagen in this mask is going to lift your chin and jaw line, firming it and giving permanent results. I mean I’m on day two after using this mask and my jaw line still looks almost as good as Jennifer Aniston’s. After I took the mask off I saw instant results, unlike my Glamglow firming treatment. I was like “okay why the hell not!” And went in with the Cheek & Eye lift. The same thing happened, after 30 minutes I feel like I’ve just walked out of a plastic surgeons office. You can actually feel your skin absorbing the product and reacting to it. I felt a really strong firming sensation in the apples of my cheeks. And today I still feel it when I smile from cheek to cheek.


Now onto the Firming Solution by Dr. Jart+! This targets every area of your face. It promises to enhance your skins elasticity and will correct your lines. I don’t have many lines on my face besides my smile lines and the lines around my eyes. But that’s inevitable to avoid in life, everyone has that. This did the same thing, you leave it in for 40 minutes and the firming sensation that you feel is truly one of a kind. I never had my skin react this way before to a firming mask. It was cool! Each of these masks all were under 10 dollars. Which is AWESOME, really budget friendly.

Next I’m going to talk about my new lashes that I got by Sephora. Their name is Hipster and they have long fluttery lashes that look natural but still give off that intense eye look. Here they are, I’m not good with selfies at this point in my life so deal with this awkward pose please and thank you!


Putting them on was a pain, it was kind of flimsy and went all over my eye, I almost got too much glue in all the wrong places. Lucky for me I own Q-tips so I wiped that shit off really quick before it fucked up my eyeshadow. I still love my Goddess lashes from Koko. I might have to order a more natural pair for normal days. I was also in the market for a new contour palette but Sephora didn’t have any new ones and I was too lazy to look in department stores. That’s when you know it was time for me to stop myself from breaking my Amex.

Besides my custom MAC Pro Palette, I didn’t really get anything makeup related besides repurchasing my Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk. I got it in shade 5 since last time I got it in shade 3 which made my face pale AF. I literally said to this girl “I swear I’m not that pale, I need a darker color” and she refused to give me a darker color since she’s the expert.


So anyway that was my mini Sephora haul that I just HAD to do. I hope you guys enjoyed this review. Don’t forget to like or follow if you wanna be bff’s!



    1. I believe these had Japanese or Korean writing on them. I’m not too sure, but I’ve always been interested in Korean beauty. I’ve seen those snail masks around, I’m interested in trying those 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Same here, I’ve got into Korean makeup more recently now cause I feel I like them girly styles. <: I was also thinking about trying the snail masks but idk yet. Running low on cash ;-;


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