Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog.

Today we’re going to take a break on makeup. However someone requested on Twitter, which by the way you can follow me here, to do a drugstore ONLY makeup review/tutorial. I went out to run some errands and while I was in my local drugstore, I saw some cosmetic products that other people have been raving about. I was a little weary of purchasing these items because truthfully, besides lip balm and eyeliner, NOTHING I own is drugstore. I’d rather just save the money and let it build up so I can buy higher priced things. But that way of thinking is honestly so stupid. I thought, “Okay. Let’s do this.” So I got it and put on a full face of drugstore makeup on me! I’m gathering my thoughts so I’ll be back tomorrow morning with a review on what I think about these products!

I’m trying really hard to think of a title to this blog post because it’s not a guide on how to get over a break up. It’s a way on occupying your mind from dark feelings. Now if you have dark feelings and these feelings are telling you to do some fucked up shit, go to a fucking doctor please. You’re wasting your time and harming yourself and others by stalling on getting professional help.

The feelings that I want to help you guys combat are sadness, emptiness, unworthiness, laziness, confusion, feeling misunderstood, etc.  I’ve let some ex’s in my past dictate how I should feel towards certain situations. I’m telling ya, these “boys” can really get to you. One advice a guy gave to me was to emotionally disconnect from my parents. Like excuse me? Do I look like a fucking robot to you, you heartless wrench? If I had a son that was going around with sad girls telling them to emotionally disconnect from their family, I’d smack his ass to fucking China. I wonder what would have happened if I stayed with him and we hit a rough patch. Would he just emotionally disconnect from me? Notice the red flags people. NOTICE THEM.


Another guy HATED me because I looooooved One Direction with all my heart. I was a young teenage girl that had an obsession with a boyband. So sue me? I was constantly yelled at. He tried to manipulate me into liking his music. Which was metal, ugh. And he also tried to manipulate me into believing about the whole tree of life, spiritual nonsense. Which I semi believe in now. But back then it was entirely unnecessary. Like our parents still drive us to and from our dates, we don’t need to be filling our minds with this right now. None of us couldn’t just enjoy being 16. I could. I wasn’t into expanding my mind in so many different directions. I was still into playing on my gameboy and apparently listen to shitty boyband music. That was my thing and it still is. And I grew to have a little bit of a bias opinion towards certain boys lol. Because of these inbreds that tried to change me into what they wanted, I’m a little bit of a harder nut to crack.

Again in college I dated a guy that got genuinely annoyed with me liking Britney Spears AND One Direction. What are with these guys and getting overly sensitive about music genres? I don’t know. But it really sparked a flame within me, as you can tell. Because these people didn’t like what I was into, I was constantly having people try to manipulate me into liking what they like. It got so that every time I would listen to a song that I like, I’d get a lecture on how everything I do is wrong. 

What’s the difference in my reactions from then to now? Back then if someone gave me a hard time I would just sit it through and take their shit. Now, I clap back and I kind of scare off some people. I don’t want to say that my past relationships made me into a mean person. But I’m more loud, I’m a little bit more real and personal, and I am not afraid to walk away anymore. I know my intentions, I know I have a good heart. I don’t NEED to explain myself to anybody anymore. Except my parents or the police.

To avoid having someone invalidate your feelings, I’d suggest thinking about their role in your life long term. A handful of people I know think I’m crazy for always thinking about my future and who’s going to be involved in my life. But if you want a successful life, you need to be surrounded by like-minded people that want the EXACT same things that you do. You need to realize that cutting off those people that questions your way of living is the right thing to do.

For example: If I’m a female entrepreneur that wants to create a business that caters to makeup guru’s and giving them legitimate platforms to network with one another; I’m SURE AS HELL that I’m NOT telling my ideas to a team of baseball players, or the anime club in your school, or politicians. You want to know why? It’s not their demographic. They won’t understand the potential in YOU. Stop explaining yourself to these people that can’t even invest mentally or literally into your ideas. I’m going to be telling fellow bloggers, my best friends, sororities, etc. People that believe in me and understand the markets potential.

If you’re wondering “Where the fuck do I meet like-minded people?” then you’re being silly. You’re already on the internet reading my website. Network with people online. Trust me, there’s people around the world that WANT to connect and talk to someone JUST LIKE YOU.

This also goes for the people that tell you that being on that diet is crazy, or that taking that art lesson is stupid. It’s not crazy or stupid, it’s your life. And the only mistake that you’re making is letting the opinions of others dictate how you want to live. Life is seriously way too short to live by any rules other than your own.


Are you going through a break up or dealing with some sort of loss in your life? Go outside, breathe and take a jog. Start up that hobby that you always said you wanted to do. I thinking running is a great way to combat feelings of loneliness solely because it makes you feel free. Simply put. When you’re running, you’re thinking of the solutions to your problems. Another way to get through hard times is figuring out what made you happy in the past. Getting back to your old roots and realizing what made you happy before you met that human being gives you a feeling of self gratification. Maybe you even realize that you left some doors unintentionally open and you can get a taste of what you’ve been missing on. All in moderation of course. 

Immediately call your like-minded friends and make yourself busy. You can have those two or three days to cry your eyes out, that’s healthy and 100% necessary. But if you keep yourself in this dark hole with nothing to do, things aren’t going to get better. Your friends WANT to help you and if they didn’t text you, they either have things going on, or didn’t want to hurt you by checking up on you. So talk to them, they have stuff going on too and a hangout with you is maybe exactly what they need. Keeping your social status up is key to remaining happy.

Another thing that helps me get by is by reading my horoscopes and getting in tune with what’s going on in the astrology world. You can read my post on that right over here! Figuring out my path for the month and what to expect gives me a pretty good insight on how I should react to upcoming things.

Only YOU truly know how to make yourself happy. For me it’s shopping and sitting on the internet. Are you living for you? Or someone else? Best advice is to not sugarcoat your life and be as wild and free as you’d like. TEN YEARS AGO I WAS TEN. That’s still too insane of a concept for me to grasp. Ten years flies by and you can for sure believe that I’m going to live the next ten dancing to One Direction with my coworkers celebrating the success of our lives.


I hope this post gave you some insight on ways to achieve maximum wholeness.


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