Hello everyone! I was waiting to do a drugstore haul but all of my items are being shipped separately and it’s arriving slowly but surely. So I decided to go ahead with the Maybelline Fit me! review.

Last post I said I was going to give a review the next morning but you know me; I ended up wanting more time with it to gather my thoughts and try it on in different ways and times. And now that it’s been three or four days I can tell you how my skin reacted, how it stayed, etc.


I’ve heard a lot of things about this foundation. Tati, who is one of my favorite youtube makeup guru’s, loved it. But others, like A LOT of others, had negative reactions. So it was really 50/50. I guess it all just depends on your skin type. I got this in my local Publix and definitely got the wrong shade. It was way way wayyyy to dark for my skin tone. So instead of me returning it and buying the one that fit my skin tone, I decided to just lay in the Florida sun for three hours straight on South Beach. I’m now a lobster and it ended up being the only foundation shade that could fit my very dark, very red skin tone. Like no kidding, I was Larry the lobster red.

However when I first used it, I was forced to use a light concealer, which I normally don’t on normal days. I had to make it match my paler skin, like there was no way I could make this work. I got it in the shade Natural Beige and let me say that there was absolutely nothing natural about this shade. It was really orange pigmented however it comes in a lot of shades so this was totally my fault. Whatever. The bottle is rather disappointing as I love pumps instead. You just twist off the cap and pour it out and I hate having to do it on the back of my hand.

As per usual I applied the product with a dampened beauty blender and went to town. It dried REALLY quickly and was easy to blend out and I was having high hopes. Despite it not matching the rest of my body! LOL. So that was that. It’s totally not full coverage but I’m sure with building it up you can cover up zits and whatnot. I just personally couldn’t get my freckles covered up and thats one of my needs in a foundation! It did cancel out any redness and it DID make me look poreless. But then again I was “poreless” before I put the foundation on because I used my Porefessional face primer. So I had like literally no pores! Score! But I feel like any foundation that tries to make you look poreless just fills up your pores even more and gives you blackheads! No? Can someone explain this science to me?! Because I could be all kinds of wrong here.

What I loved about this foundation is that it did dry in good time and the finish was beautifully done, thanks to my beauty blender. Through out the day I noticed that the foundation was lasting, but after five hours of wearing it my skin got SO oily it was insane. Like I looked in the mirror and I was literally a bottle of vegetable oil. It was bad. So so bad. No other way to describe it! Sorry not sorry Maybelline. To make things a little worse, I woke up the next morning to pimples all along my t-zone. *cough cough* Where my pores are. Sooo that was that for me. I used it a little more just for relaxing in the apartment, I decided not to wear it out anymore because I don’t want to spend my evening out wondering if people notice how oily I am! Oh anxiety, I love you so. I definitely had to use my Caudalie Instant Detox Masque. It emptied out my pores so well, I’ve never seen my pores get cleaned out so intensely before, it was weird.


So I’m going to have to rate this product a 7/10. It stayed on for a while but after three to four hours oil builds up. Especially if you have a dry to oily face to begin with. And believe me, I used this with finishing powders and sprays- the works. And oil still managed to really make a statement that day on me!

I think this products quality really is based off of peoples skin types; Like if you have skin thats on the drier side then this foundation would be absolutely amazing on you. If not, sorry Charlie! Thank you guys so so much for reading my post and I’ll see you next time with a major drugstore haul! 



    1. Going back to old notifications. I hope you tried and hopefully enjoyed Rihanna’s beauty line! Her foundation is very drying for a lot of people, but perfect for those with oily skin!


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