Hello everyone, today I am going to be posting TWO posts today but I just wanted it to be clear to my fellow WordPress fam and people that know me through other ways of life. It might seem sappy of me to put my emotions about current events out there. But I feel like these emotions are what we need to put into this world, rather than hate. So please don’t try put me down for trying to heal and express love in a time where we need it.

I notice these things happening in the world, bombings, shootings, now terrorists mauling over people in scary looking trucks. I’m sure all of this has happened before in countries I don’t know all that much about but should probably educate myself on what the source of all of this is. Do you know what I mean? I just don’t understand what started all this hatred that has followed us through decades and hundreds of years. And why there isn’t a solution, justice, or humanity in these extreme intense situations.

I don’t have the answers to these problems so I don’t feel like my opinion should be overly expressed in the world. Of course it’s valid, but if I can’t genuinely contribute then I don’t really want to bring those topics on my website. The point is I don’t want ANYONE to think that I’m self absorbed or makeup/skin care obsessed. It’s a hobby, it’s my personal “me” time and a way for me to escape and express myself. At the same time! Look at that, killing two birds with one stone. I do notice what’s happening in these past couple of year but I’ve never seen these tragedies be so consistent.

Whether that be a mass shooting or a terrorist attack. My heart feels heavy when I think of these innocent lives EVERYWHERE being thrown into this evil mess. Either because their family members got involved in some bad juju and they have to pay the price by getting beheaded in the streets. Or people getting randomly shot in other countries or bombs exploding in public places, not a battle field if anything. My heart especially hurts when I think of the little children that are exposed to this in real life. Because these situations that we face is getting to be too real and almost too close to home and it frightens me.

Like with what happened in Orlando; I live in Boca so I’m a few hours away. But to know that someone can pull off a mass murder like that in a place of love and positivity in the state that I’m living in, that’s when I get concerned for my safety.  I see articles and videos of these alone luggages causing an entire airport to evacuate. I see these videos of people walking outside the airport, standing around and I can feel the tension and anxiety. It was an airport that I use to travel home and will be going to this Thursday. I don’t want to be scared, but I am in a way! I spent my childhood traveling the world with my parents and it never occurred to me that it would be a hot spot for these demons to try to explode or hurt people. I thought it was the first stop to an adventure. That feeling of mine is stolen. It’s not a race I’m scared of so don’t twist my words, it’s these harsh weapons on innocent lives that these demons use to destroy.

SO, with all of that being said and done; My thoughts and prayers are with the lost lives, and the people that have seen those lives being taken in front of them.

If you love someone, you should hug them whenever you get the chance. 😦

See you guys on my next post.


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