Quick Sephora review and dupes + Moving is a pain in my a$$


A lot of people mistaken a bad attitude with reality. I am not here to smile for anyone so if me frowning offends you then I am so not sorry.


Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! I know that my regular readers are maybe wondering what the hell happened to me this past month. Since the middle of July till now I have been traveling and moving into another home. I upgraded from an apartment to a townhouse. And let me tell you that this was my first time legitimately moving by myself AND MY BACK PAID FOR IT. Before moving though I spent five to six days in New Jersey to surprise my mother!

Sorry if that’s not good quality but yeah that was that! I was intending on surprising my father too but then at the last minute I was like “who the hell is going to pick me up from the airport????” and I knew I couldn’t rely on my mother to pick me up so that was that. Sorry dad, maybe next time!

When I came back I had to do my share of the work, since David moved all of our furniture out of our little apartment, I had to pack everything up. Which to be honest I don’t know which is worse. Since we haven’t lived long enough to own more than three or four suitcases or have the money to spend on ten suitcases to hold all our stuff in, I basically packed everything in garbage bags. Classy, am I right? I’m actually pretty good at packing because with packing comes decluttering. And I live for throwing shit out. That’s where I’m the opposite of my mom, where as she’s a BIT of a hoarder, I’m so not sentimental so throwing things out was easy for me. I actually ended up throwing out 40% of my makeup collection. That one was a little difficult for me but like who needs 20 of the same maybelline eyeliner? Not this girl, no way.

*cries when I run out of my only maybelline eyeliner*

Then of course after the packing comes moving day, and that’s like a whole entire labor within itself. Without David I would have probably hit my head against the wall and fall into a deep coma by now. And THEN after moving day comes unpacking! And then after unpacking comes all of the laundry washes and figuring out where things go now! It’s just… ugh if you don’t HAVE to move, just stay where you are. Your back will thank you.

During my downtime from my hectic life, I went to Sephora and picked up a few goodies to replace the hole in my heart from throwing out some products. I picked up a bronzed highlighter from Bobbi Brown in the shade Bronze Glow. It has an amazing shimmer in it and I use it as a subtle contour technique for my more natural dewy kind of looks. This however was priced at $46.00’s and I’m almost positive I can get something similar for a cheaper price. I’m sure the Lorac Tantalizer Baked Bronzer priced at $33.00’s is maybe a little better. Or just make it completely affordable and go with the $7.00 Milani Baked Bronzer. It’s all based on personal preference. I just happened to spot this and fall in love with the shade. It could be a little more pigmented but it’s very buildable which I like because I usually have a heavy hand all the time because go big or go home, am I right?


I then went and got a new Anastasia contour palette because mine had gotten so dirty. I actually hate contour palettes and wished they came in some sort of bottle. But then it would basically be foundation so I mean whatever. If anyone knows of any contour product that comes in a bottle, please let a girly know about it. I got the palette in the shade Fair because that included some sort of highlighter in it that I could see working perfectly on natural skin. This was priced at $40.00’s where as NYX has an amazing dupe priced at $25.00!

I had also bought the Boscia Wakame Firming Hydrogel Face Mask it did absolutely nothing for my skin. I was super disappointed not only because I have a love for sheet masks since it’s so easy to clean up usually; But it had SO many positive reviews. Wah. It was too slimy and fit my face kind of weird. I didn’t notice any sort of firming sensation in my skin, so therefore I’ll stick to my Glamglow and Dr. Jart firming masques!

And that basically concludes my quick little Sephora stop. Other than that I had been to Homegoods and purchased some stuff to put my closet and makeup vanity together! And I’ll make a post on that when it’s all said and done. Thank you guys so much for reading! Remember to like and comment if you wanna be bff’s!


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