HELLO HUMANS! Welcome back to my blog. I got busy yet again because we decided to add to my farm and adopted a Golden Retriever puppy! She’s your typical hyped up pup but she’s the sweetest little fur baby ever. Which makes me happy. Her name is Daisy!!! But if anyone has any tips on how to train her to give us a proper signal on when she needs to pee, that would be simply divine! I know some dogs growing up where they would ring this bell by the door. That’s all I ask for. Lol.


I had been to my local Sephora a week or two ago and I picked up something I was hesitant to buy for quite sometime. And the reason is because there was an alligator drawing on the palette. I have decided to not be racist towards reptilian creatures, despite them being made in Hell. This specific palette was made by Bunny otherwise known as Grav3yardgirl for her quirky YouTube Channel. I think her humor is refreshing and I always enjoyed watching her videos. I just never really favored her makeup looks as much as I favor her personality. I just had a different taste when I first watched her I guess!

I love YouTube and I built up my passion for makeup by constantly watching tutorials. Seriously, it was and still is my crack. So when I saw that Bunny had created an eye and cheek palette, I was a little weary. But beyond an alligator drawing was possibly the thing I was missing in my life.

The Swamp Queen palette had colors that were to die for and seemed like they would all compliment my skin tone. It makes sense since Bunny and I have blue eyes and pale-ish skin. I did a quick little swatch to see how pigmented it was and bam I was sold. So so pigmented. So pigmented. I’m very picky when it comes to eyeshadows and how they work on my eyelid so yeah! Don’t have a lot of eye palettes due to that! The colors also blend really beautifully and each color works well with each other. The product is a 10/10.


(This isn’t my photo lawl) Look at the gorgeous color in the top corner. It’s my favorite color on the planet.

The eyeshadows aren’t even the best thing about this palette. I didn’t expect to fall in love with the blush, bronzer, and highlight too! I’m actually super saddened that this was a limited edition product and I’m super grateful that I was able to cop this before it goes out. It’s currently selling on eBay for $80.00’s which I think is insane but I get it. It’s amazing.

Here’s a little look I did the other day with the palette. 


You guys see that highlight, right? I’m not even in front of any lighting. 

Thank you Bunny for my new favorite palette, and thank you to you guys that read my posts! Remember to like and follow and talk to me because friendship is great.




  1. Love the review! I wish palettes like this were as easily obtained in the uk as they are in your shores! I assume Sephora is like our debenhams or selfridges/boots etc but we rarely have vlogger/celeb created makeup (I think we have just had HUDAbeauty drop in Harrods which typically, is only in bloody London)
    Anyway I love the colours and im the same as you with bunny, she brings a different edge and vibe to most beauty vloggers that keeps it real! And that highlight!!!!
    You tryna blind us?! 🙊🙊
    Good luck with daisy! Puppy pads are normally a godsend!

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    1. Would you be able to order it online??? Or have a friend overseas that can take the time to ship it to you? I’m really not one to go on about palettes if I really didn’t think they were worth mine or anyone else time! Usually vlogger created makeup is overpriced and overexposed for no special reason. But this for some reason really ended up looking beautiful on me and I’m happy I bought it! I’d compare this to the Morphe 350 Matte palettes. You get more and for less and the colors are quite similar to Bunny’s!!! Thank you so much for the comment and puppy love! Talk soon?

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      1. I’m really loving the look of morphe, I don’t really know anyone overseas haha! I would think it would head our way some day with beauty bay as they normally bring stuff in from the US 🙂
        P. S. I forgot to say how cute daisy is hehe
        Chat soon!

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