WHERE HAVE I BEEN?!?! PLUS an explanation of what’s to come….

Hello everyone and welcome back home to my blog. I bet that you’ve all been wondering where I’ve been! Well your curiosity can chill, because I’ll explain everything like now. Right now. I promise.

I’ve been on a hiatus because I’ve taken on a few projects bigger than myself. I’ve spent these past few months gaining the proper knowledge that I needed to excel myself in the future I’ve chosen. My training is barely close to done. As the skin care industry is constantly changing and upgrading, so will I. I went to trade school for 10 months straight, no breaks or anything. I mean yeah we had like a two week break for Christmas but that was it. Two weeks. Not used to that, I’m used to getting like over a month off like jeez. The nonstop work has slowed me down overtime but yet this week I will have managed to get my fancy shmancy esthetician license. Which means I’m licensed and certified to do facials (don’t get any silly ideas) chemical peels, spray tanning, makeup, body wrapping, etc. I also got a part time job, except it’s more hours than part time. Is there a middle between part time and full time? Part time xl???? I’m a front desk receptionist for a medical spa. I feel like Pam from The Office except I get free lip fillers!


(They don’t actually look like that, my boss does an amazing job.)

And honestly as I went on, I realized that I had bigger and better opportunities out there for me. And I decided that instead of doing the facials myself, why not just own the damn spa?! I mean that’s far fetched. I get it. Obviously within these next two years I’ll build up clientele and money to support my decision. I want to build and own my very own wellness center in my name.

So boujee, I know, tell me about it. But these are my dreams and it’s my duty to fulfill that. I know you’ve heard this before but we only have one life and I refuse to sit back on my own life and not take chances. So in the mean time you will notice that my Instagram will no longer be my personal Instagram. I’ll be using a private account for private posts. If you don’t already, you can follow me @ alexandraranone to see what I have coming up for those that follow up with my lifes journey.

My posts on here will be centered around wellness. I’ll promote wellness and skincare products and sometimes grant you the wish of some discount codes! And just a heads up, I would never promote or sell something that I don’t think works. That to me is like, social media suicide and I don’t feel like dealing with the negative comments. So again, only genuine working products will be endorsed on this website. And of course my down to earth, witty, beautiful self will continue on with lifestyle updates as well!!! So you’re not losing me completely beauty world! I’m still here!!!


Gossip Girl

Haha just kidding.

Alexandra Kay Ranone

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