Eyelash Extensions | The good, the bad, the UGLY.

Hello all! Today I’m going to be talking about my eyelash extensions, why I got them and if they really are as damaging as you’d think. We all think this when considering eyelash extensions, “Is it going to ruin my natural lashes.” Yes and no. I’m saying yes because if you go to a low quality place for a cheap price, it’s going to be bad from the start. I went to a decently priced place, I got the classic set instead of the mink set. Which is what people usually get to get eyelashes like Kylie Jenner’s. The reason why I didn’t go all out the first time is because my lashes are naturally long and full, so I didn’t want to pay extra for something if I didn’t actually need it. Turns out I did because the lash extensions that I got looked natural and obviously it was more, but it wasn’t like “WOW, OH MY GOD.” sort of thing. It still kinda looked like my natural lashes, just fuller and longer. I wanted this down below, which are considered the mink ones.


My technician said she’s been doing this for about a year but I think she lied to me when I asked her because she hesitated. And it’s not that I have anything against someone who’s new to their trade. Some people just have that natural talent so I didn’t worry when she said just a year. However now looking back on it, I kinda wish for my first time that I had someone that’s been doing this for a couple of years now.

The bad thing about the extensions was that in the first two days, up to eight lashes had fallen out. Not along with my natural lash, just the extensions itself. Which tells me that the technician didn’t put enough glue or made sure they were sturdy enough. I understood that three or four might fall out but eight? I didn’t shower for 48 hours and avoided crying and applying eye makeup for a week and they were still coming out. I even slept on my back so trust me, I did all the precautionary steps to make them last as long as they could. So I already knew then that I wasn’t going to go back to the place I went to, although they were willing to make it right. I just called it a day and let them fall out naturally and go to another place when it was time.

And here’s the surprising thing, my natural lashes at the end of this whole charade were fine. They weren’t damaged or missing in some spots. It was as if I never got lash extensions in the first place! So I knew that there are ways and methods to get eyelash extensions that aren’t going to put your natural lashes in danger. What does put your natural lashes in danger is overuse on glue. That’s basically it. And because I’m positive that she didn’t use enough, that’s why I really didn’t have any major issues with it.

So with all that being said, I’m getting the more intense Kylie Jenner looking eyelashes tomorrow and I’m very excited to try these out and give another review. This technician has been doing this for six years and she seemed extremely knowledgable on the phone and on her website. So let’s hope things work out for the best lmao. Moral of the story, go to someone that’s been doing this for over three years.

Hope you enjoyed, I’ll see you guys next time xo

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